Toledo, Oregon
Square Dance is the official State dance of Oregon

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With it's 60th birthday dance on June 20, 2009, the Toledo 49'rs succumbed to fate and ceased dancing twice monthly.

The club is now designated a "Traveling Club". Its members now travel to dance at other Oregon square and round dance events, and will hold its own Birthday Dance once-a-year. It's 61st Birthday Dance was held June 13, 2010 at the Gleneden Beach Community Center.

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Most of us at one time (years ago)

 June 20, 2009 - Kathy Buczkowski guides Al Bussey and Wally Brunelle in decorating for the final regular dance

June 20, 2009 60th Birthday Dance (and final regular dance) and old-timers reunion


June 13, 2010 61st Birthday Dance and old-timers reunion


Mainstream and Plus square dancing to tapes and CDs is continuing locally on an informal basis. For information on places and times, contact one of the club officers shown below.

Some Club History:
In 1949 when the club started there were only four couples meeting to socialize and dance in a basement in Toledo. In some instances, one of the daughters had to dance with a broom to “fill in the square”. As the club grew, twice-monthly dances were held for many years at the Toledo High School. Special dances were held annually at the Fair Grounds during the Newport Crab Fest and later at the Middle School during the Loyalty Day celebrations. These events brought dancers to Newport from all over Oregon and some from Washington and California. For the past few years the club’s first- and third-Saturday dances have been held in Gleneden Beach.

    In addition to providing heart-healthy exercise and friendship set to music, the Toledo 49’rs Club has been a regular contributor to the community.
At a "beginning of school" dance each year we collected a variety of school supplies to donate to Lincoln County Schools.
Since 2003 we have held several dances each year to collect fuzzy animals that we donate to the children's ward of the Newport Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport.  Child trauma patients get to hug a stuffed animal in the hospital and then take it home with them.
At a November dance each year we collect dry/canned food for donation to the local food share programs.
    Each year we made monetary donations to aid local community groups and Federation-supported organizations. Some donations included:
          - H.O.R.S.E.S, (therapeutic horse riding sponsored by the Square Dance Federation)
          - Toledo High School (student association bench program)
          - Toledo High School (alcohol-free graduation party)
          - Newport High School (alcohol-free graduation party)
          - Depoe Bay KidsZone (after-school care and help)
          - KidSwim (transportation, snacks, and swim lessons for needy Waldort and Yachats youths)
          - O.M.T.A. (music lessons for needy youths sponsored by the Oregon Music Teachers Association)

    The Club often performed “demo” dancing at local events, for visitors at RV parks, at County and State Fairs, and at coastal rehab and retirement communities. In June, just days before the club final dance, they performed at the Lakeview Assisted Living facility in Lincoln City.

    Club meetings were held in the Newport Adult Activity Center the 2nd Monday of each month, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

A contact for more information: Lily Phelps, 541-444-9022,

Visiting the Oregon coast even without dancing can make for a grand outing. Try it! 

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